IIn the Middle Ages, these woven and decorated fabrics were so precious because of their expensive production, so that they were worn as a showpiece in the hand. The handkerchief was regarded as symbolic pledge of love with whom one gave expression to his fidelity promise. As the nobility and the bourgeoisie moved toward each other in part of the rank, the handkerchief turned up as a decorative item in a newly invented garment, the jacket. It was placed as a pocket square in its left breast pocket with the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie. For a gentleman, it was considered good form to lead a clean and freshly ironed handkerchief with him to offer it in case of need to the lady in his company.


The hand-rolled handkerchief is for the well-heeled society that differs with a sense of style and elegance from the crowd. It proves its service as a fashion accessory, as well as personal and loyal companion in everyday situations. The inconspicuously small cloth underlines the great moments of life.